Store Premium and Get More Done


The complete storage solution.

At REDD Premium Self Storage we want to help you get more done. If you already have a storage unit with us, REDD is yours. Use our coworking space free of charge! Get priority when booking meeting rooms. Our counter is your reception, we are happy to accept any incoming parcels for you. Simply give our Chief of REDD a little notice in advance. We’ll do everything we can to help.

Working Space & Price Table





Printer & Scanner


Drinking Water

Coworking Space


  • 3 Hours
  • 6 Hours
  • Weekly (56 Hours)
  • Monthly (240 Hours)

Price / Person

  • 99 THB
  • 159 THB
  • 999 THB
  • 1,999 THB

** 1 Free Seat Per 1 Storage Unit

Meeting Room


  • Meeting 1
  • Meeting 2
  • Meeting 3
  • Meeting 4


  • 8 Persons
  • 6 Persons
  • 10 Persons
  • 8 Persons

Full Day

  • 2,560 THB
  • 1,920 THB
  • 3,200 THB
  • 2,560 THB

Half Day

  • 1,540 THB
  • 1,150 THB
  • 1,920 THB
  • 1,540 THB

** Full Day 8 Hours/Half Day 4 Hours

SCG Express Parcel Service

REDD Premium Self Storage’s parcel service partner, SCG Express, is available, so you can send and receive parcels directly at your REDD Premium Self Storage location.

Official Document Support

Want to run your business from REDD but are worried about the paper work? At REDD Premium Self Storage, we have expertise in assisting businesses with necessary documents in a timely manor, to help support your application. Let us know what you need, and typically you can expect to pick up your requested documents at the reception within 5 working days.

We typically provide documents used with these organisations:

  • Food & Drug Administration
  • Department of Business Development
  • Revenue Department