Plan Your Visit

Whether your new to REDD Premium Self Storage, or a returning storage veteran, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the process. This section will give you pointers and directions to help you with your next visit to us.



Create an inventory

Make a list of the things you'll be bringing to your unit; number of furniture, file cabinets and a rough estimate of the number of boxes and other items.

Study our size guide

Consider how much space your items will take up. We have a large variety of units avaliable to fit your needs. If you're unsure, just give us a shout. we're only a phone call away.

Need Door-TO-Door Pickup & Delivery Service?

If you would like to use our DOOR-TO-DOOR Pickup & Delivery Service, simply call our staff and they will help arrange your service for you.

3 Ways to Make Your Booking

You can book a unit with REDD Premium Self Storage for up to 3 months in advance online.


Where you'll always get the best prices, the best deals

In Person

Just come and see us at REDD Premium Self Storage

Give us a call

We'll be ready to assist you






The best way to pay for your booking is with a credit card online. We also accept other form of payments:

Credit or Debit Card

Online or in person at REDD front desk

Internet Banking

Accept transactions from all financial institutions. Crypto currencies not accepted


At the front desk of all REDD locations

Packing Up

Packing periods can be stressful. It helps to start plenty in advance. Why not start with things you rarely use. We also offer premium boxes, bubble wraps, tape, ropes and other packing materials at all of our locations.


When it comes to transportation, we have parking space as well as indoor loading area for most 4-wheeled vehicles. We have an oversized parking bay for larger vehicles as well.





Check in day and process

You can book a unit with REDD Premium Self Storage for up to 3 months in advance online.

Our Office Hours is 9am - 6pm Daily

On your check in day, please arrive during Office Hours. We will be taking a photocopy of a valid government-issued photo ID. Please let our staff know if there is anything to be done to make your stay a 10/10. When checking in, you’ll get a personal passcode for accessing the electronic security gate and your unit. You’ll then be free to come and go anytime. For more information about accessing your unit, go to My Account for access details and more.

Checklist for checking in

Photo ID

Be sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID

Booking ID

Please check your booking ID in a booking confirmation email.


Bring your own or purchase a top-grade lock from us.


prohibited goods

Please follow our guideline on prohibited items.

Its Time to Load

Congratulations for picking the perfect unit. We have movable shelves that can roll into your units to help you move your belongings to your unit with ease. Step ladders and trolleys are also available.