We're here to help you choose the most efficient solution. Thoughtful service that just gives you that little bit extra.


REDD Premium Self Storage is an expert when it comes to space. We have the best sizes to maximize your storage space efficiency. You’ll find the best ways to move in and out, store and protect, manage and pay at REDD Premium Self Storage.

REDD Premium Self Storage offers space as small as storage lockers to indoor personal garages large enough to park a large car. All with the best in class ease of use and space utilisation efficiency. All solutions for your personal, business and vehicle storage needs. We also offer outdoor storage for RVs and boats – or anything else you can think of!

So whether you’re looking to make more room in your home or extend your office space, we have the right unit for your needs. If you have something, chances are we can store it.

REDD Premium Self Storage offers drive-in units. They have spacious loading area and large roll-up doors much like a garage, perfect for storing supercars and frequent commercial “stow and go’s”.

At REDD Premium Self Storage, your storage unit is yours and you can access it anytime. When checking in, you’ll get a PIN code for the electronic security gate and your units only. You’ll then be free to come and go anytime. For more information about accessing your unit, go to My Account for access details and more.

Understand Your User Experience

REDD Premium Self Storage strive to provide thoughtful service that shows we care. From the moment of loading, you can be sure that your belongings are kept in the best environment possible, and we will do our best to ensure you are as comfortable as your belongings.

Our loading bays are indoors because we know that Thailand is hot and wet. Our lifts are 2.9 x 2.1 m allowing you to move everything even motorbikes in one go with ease. The humidity is controlled for all upper floor units. At REDD Premium Self Storage, we believe our belongings should be kept with care with a peace of mind – and so do yours.

If there is anything at all, please just ask our staff.

Haven’t got time to pick up boxes? Not sure what size of boxes you need, or how many? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Forgot to bring a padlock with you? also not a problem, we have a range of top grade locks on offer. Come on down to REDD Premium Self Storage, we’ll assist you as best we can.

Official Document Support

Want to run your business from REDD but are worried about the paper work? At REDD Premium Self Storage, we have expertise in assisting businesses with necessary documents in a timely manor, to help support your application. Let us know what you need, and typically you can expect to pick up your requested documents at the reception within 5 working days.

We typically provide documents used with these organisations: