We have 3 types, please clicking the link storage types for more details. Please see the guide.

Once you have a booking confirmation, please give a document to our team as follows;

  1. A copy of the ID card
  2. A copy of the house registration
  3. DBD registration

Sure, you can change the storage size, please contact the staff

  • If you change to a smaller room, we’ll convert the difference to credit.
  • If you change to a larger room, we will calculate the price difference to be paid.
Yes, please see the details of our moving help
Sorry, our team delivers from your home to REDD or from REDD to your house only.
Yes, In the case of moving items into storage. You should book a storage room before using moving services.
Yes, please contact our team at the front desk.
Please contact our team, we can provide you with options.

To register the storage unit on behalf of your company, please provide us with the following documents:

  • Company certification from the Department of Business Development (DBD) (certified within 90 days)
  • Copy of the director’s ID card with signature.
  • Letter of attorney (authorized representative name) and a copy of the representative’s ID card with signature (if the director would like to give authorized to third person)
  • Terms & Conditions (provided by REDD) with director’s signature agreed on the last page.